The education program of the Worldwide Voyage aims to cultivate the next generation of navigators and explorers, through a globally-connected network of learners of all ages that work together to create positive solutions for Island Earth. Whether their voyages are on the open ocean, or simply in the way they guide their own lives, these next-generation navigators and explorers will embody the values and lessons of mālama honua that will be promoted long after the canoes return home.

Our Learning Center is the education portal which will bring learners to the Voyage, and the Voyage to our learners.  Through the Learning Center, you can access a wealth of Mālama Honua curricula, lesson plans, and learning tools. This resource databank will continue to grow as we use the Voyage to connect with a global community of educators. In addition, The Worldwide Voyage will allow anyone to become both a teacher and learner as they go online to read and post their own stories of innovation, resilience, and positive change. This “living library” can teach and inspire us to take care of the diverse natural and cultural gifts that sustain us.

Our education program is a means by which we engage all of Island Earth for years to come–exploring the right way to live, while sharing, learning and creating global relationships and discovering the wonders of this precious place we all call home.

Worldwide Voyage Learning Center Team

The Worldwide Voyage Learning Center is led in collaboration by a team of our core education partners. Together, our goal is to support learners of all ages to build creative solutions for Hawaiʻi and the world.

Polynesian Voyaging Society Staff

  • Nainoa Thompson
  • Kālepa Baybayan
  • Kaʻiulani Murphy
  • Miki Tomita
  • Jenna Ishii


Please contact the PVS Learning Center Team using the form found at the bottom of each page of this site.