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Kekaulike MarWritten by Kekaulike Mar

When considering the 1,200 square foot of real estate that twelve men will share for a little over a month, in my humble opinion, the most important thing to pack for such a long voyage is a quiver full of stories.  Our crew came well armed.

IMG_1590Whether comical or serious, each story is an opportunity for us to honor a loved one, relearn a tough lesson, laugh at a funny or share of our ‘ohana.  The mo’olelo help to lift our spirits and pass the time, especially in the long hours of the night watch and in the later weeks of the voyage.  Through telling our stories, we reconfirm the subtle connections that we share, and smile at the slivers of degrees that separates us.

Only days into the journey, I’ve discovered that Kaleo and I wear the markings of the same kakau (tattoo) practitioner, that Doc knows my midwife, that Ah Lun’s brother-in-law is my grandma’s neighbor, and that Uncle Mel did NOT lose his finger in a fishing accident (thanks Lohiao for clearing that up).

Although much has been shared, I look forward to unearthing more gems in the weeks to come.

Pili ka mo’o, a mau loa…


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