Crew Blog| Mikiʻala Akiona: Snacks and Naps

Mikiala AkionaBlog by Hikianalia crewmember Mikiʻala Akiona

Just like pre-school, snacks and naps are an essential part of our daily routine on the waʻa. In preparation for this leg, it was recommended 1) to pack snacks to share, and 2) be sure to take naps around your watch once at sea.

Our seasoned crewmembers are pros at packing snacks. Everyday there is something new. Everything from homemade treats to crack seed store specials; sweet, sour, or salty, we’ve got it. Local favorites (like li hing candies, fruits, and seeds) don’t last very long as it goes around to the entire crew.

Comments about losing or gaining weight during a voyage are disregarded as no snack is denied. Aside from a tasty treat for our taste buds, snacks bring camaraderie and entertainment among the crew. Stories of childhood memories or other voyages start flowing and it’s an opportunity to learn about each other.

Another survival skill for voyaging is taking a nap. Finding the rhythm of life on the waʻa may take a little time; for me, the first few days were focused on acquiring my sea legs; I felt like I was always ready to go to bed. Around day five, I was more prepared and ready to participate, not wanting to miss a thing – so it is vital to time my sleep pattern to factor in my 10-2 watch, meals, and chores.

Each watch varies, but taking the time to rest is a must. Without sleep, our health can be adversely affected, attitudes and tempers change, and safety can be an issue if you’re not vigilant. Sleeping in Hikianalia’s bunks can be a little stuffy (especially when everything is closed during a squall), so during the day we seek shade and shelter around the deck to get a little shuteye.

Snacks and naps are priority for crew morale and health.

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