Crew Blog | Nadine Tenn-Salle: Birthday At Sea

Nadine Ten-SalleWritten by Nadine Tenn-Salle

The sun will soon sit on this June 11th, Kamehameha Day in Hawaiʻi, my day. I plan to to live until 100, and today marked the crossing of my equator. The winds were minimal, the current soft and the sun shone down hard us throughout the day. I am disappointed I am not spending the day with my family, but it is the bargain any sailor knows in advance. We had hoped to reach O’ahu on Saturday, June 13th but that presumed traveling at a speed of at least 5 knots per hour. At our present speed, we will be lucky to reach there by Sunday. It is difficult to stay focused and upbeat when we are essentially in a second doldrum and “real” life responsibilities await us ashore. To make a stressful situation less so, the crew spent the day cleaning the waʻa, inventorying supplies and sharing jokes. The day has lazily not been so bad. We are still lucky to be a part of this voyage, but we will still pule for wind and will be excited when we spot Kilauea.

Please help keep us sailing for future generations. All contributions make a difference for our voyage. Mahalo nui loa!

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