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Representatives from the Hawaiʻi high school delegations, the Worldwide Voyage crew and the Nature Conservancy staff went into the uplands today to the highlands park on Santa Cruz Island to look at some of the flora and fauna unique to the Galapagos.

IMG_0037Some of the things that the crew and the students got to see were the huge tortoises that this island group is famous for as well the habitat in which they thrive. Students also got to squeeze into a lava tube to check out what was inside. At the end of the day everyone came away with a deep appreciation of this very special place.

It’s always amazing to see how the canoe connects people from everyday walks of life. Today we got to share the canoe with the individuals who have shared this very special place with us. We welcomed staff from Conservation International and the Charles Darwin Research Station on board to see what we are all about. They brought their families along for this once in a lifetime chance to step aboard our mama canoe.

IMG_9849Original crew member Billy Richards shared the route the canoe has taken over the last two and a half years and watch captain Russell Amimoto showed families around the waʻa and how everyday things we take for granted on land can be a challenge on board. The afternoon on the water provided us all with a great time and opportunity to share and discover the ways in which we are more similar than we are different.

Stay tuned for more daily media from Galapagos and the Worldwide Voyage.


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