During Year One of the Worldwide Voyage, we engaged with 20,000 students, educators, and community members in Hawaiʻi. As we visited with communities, we found local and global schools and community organizations engaging in the Worldwide Voyage in a variety of ways, dedicating their time to mālama honua – care for Island Earth – for future generations.

An important feature of the Worldwide Voyage is Stories of Place, a shared experience with a person, group, project or place in the form of a tour, discussion or service-learning project.  We will share these Stories of Place as our crew travel around the world, but we are also asking communities to help us gather and share this wisdom by creating your own Story of Place in your community, and sharing those Stories with us for the benefit of all.   

Share Your Story of Place

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We encourage you to join our Google+ Community “Mālama Honua: Worldwide Voyage” to provide and have access to live updates and interactions with others who have shared their stories.  Please also visit for the latest information about the Worldwide Voyage and Polynesian Voyaging Society.