Weather Conditions Continue To Delay Hikianalia’s Departure For California

With forecasts showing unfavorable winds, Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) leadership will continue to hold the departure of Hikianalia until conditions improve. PVS has been working closely with the National Weather Service to monitor the weather to determine the safest time for the crew to set sail.

Hikianalia was originally scheduled to depart Sand Island on Monday, July 30. The departure of Hikianalia will launch Alahula Kai o Maleka, Hikianalia’s California Voyage. After an approximately 30-day sail across the Pacific Ocean, the canoe is expected to arrive in Northern California in early September, weather permitting. A welcome ceremony and celebration is scheduled at Aquatic Park in San Francisco for Sept. 8, 2018. After engagements in San Francisco, Hikianalia will sail down the coast of California to San Diego and connect with communities along the way. The canoe is expected to return to Hawaii in December 2018.

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