Hikianalia Update | April 29, 2015

The Polynesian voyaging canoe Hikianalia is on a 2,400 mile return journey from Aotearoa to Hawaii. Crewmembers will be sending frequent updates so that educators and students can track her progress in conjunction with the Worldwide Voyage Tracking Map

jason_PattersonWritten by Jason Patterson

Time: Sunset, April 29, 2015  – Huna moon
Course: Between Lā Koʻolau and Hikina, trying to pinch a little south of Hikina
Wind: Dead wind until 4:30pm then 8-12 knots
Speed: 4-7 knots, and we have 5 sails up
Weather: Throughout the day clear skies, not a cloud above us. No high clouds in sight. There was a line of clouds directly in front of us all day to the east that we finally reached after sunset.
Sea state: Itʻs a lake, and it looks very inviting.
Marine life: None; nobody like say hi.

The weather has been the same for the last four days calm; barely any to no wind at all. But Iʻm glad the wind has found us, and weʻre moving again.


Please help keep us sailing for future generations. All contributions make a difference for our voyage. Mahalo nui loa!

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