Hikianalia Update | Aug 26-27, 2018: Happy Birthday Keala!

Hikianalia Update by Hye Jung Kim

Aug 27 Update

Today is Keala’s birthday! ʻAnakala Gary baked a cake for Keala and, as with all the other meals, it was delicious.

As if they were invited to the party, we were visited in the evening by some naiʻa (dolphins) during our dinner – what a great dinner show indeed!

Our day continued with cloud coverage. During our 6 a.m. – 10 a.m. watch were able to check our heading because the sun peaked out for about 5 minutes. The entire rest of the day was in 100% cloud coverage and all of our watches had a difficult time checking heading. We steered with the swells the entire day and towards the end of the day, the wind died down so we started playing with the sails. It was a challenging day because the sails luffed every time we tried to point in the direction that we wanted to go to. So during our 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. watch, we had a few hours where we were headed to China (an exaggeration… for the most part) and we tried to correct it towards the end.

We hope that we are able to see some clues tonight to check our heading.

In the meantime, get excited… we have challenged each other to a haiku competition which will close in a few days and we’ll be sharing our top three entries.

Aug 28 Update

Happy to report that all crew members are healthy and happy.

We are still stuck in the cloudiness of it all. We have not been able to see any natural signs other than 2 seconds of the moon in our 10-2 watch. Our wind directions have changed so we tacked overnight. We are hoping to get a glimpse of the sun sometime today.

And yet, we are still in the clouds. There is barely any wind, but when there is, it is from the Northern direction. So we believe that we have gone east, but we have not had any markers to check our heading during the 6 a.m. – 10 a.m. watch. We went La Malanai course over water at 2 knots.

During our 10 p.m. – 2 p.m. watch, the sun popped out and we were able to see that we are heading in the general direction of east.

We had the sun all throughout this watch and many crew members were able to shower while we had the sunlight. The water is really cold and we all had a hard time with the cold water, but we were happy that we got clean! We went Lā Koʻolau course over water at 0-3 knots during this watch.

During our 2-6 watch, we held Lā Malanai course over water at an average of 4 knots. We relied heavily on the La malanai swells until we had the sun and then we went off of the sun for the rest of the watch. There were times during our watch when we had to make the code zero happy while trying to keep heading which was challenging.

All of our crew members are in good spirits and we always spend most of our time laughing and sharing stories. We have so much snacks from everybody back home that we have so many goodies to snack on and have been trying to stay away from the sugar for some time today. 😀

SB 72,
Hye Jung

“Hikianalia was built by the Okeanos Foundation”

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