Hōkūleʻa Pulls Anchor in Galapagos, Heads to Rapa Nui

After a week of meaningful exploration and engagement with conservationists, plentiful wildlife and warm local hospitality, the crew of Hōkūleʻa set sail today for Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, marking Hōkūleʻa’s return to the navigational ocean currents that will lead her home.

During their visit to the islands of Galapagos, the crew of Hōkūleʻa invited teachers and students from James B. Castle High School, Kamehameha Schools and Halau Ku Mana Public Charter School to join them at the UNESCO World Heritage Marine Site in learning more about the islands’ fragile ecosystem and discussing best practices for how to conserve the earth’s most critical resources.
“Heading to Rapa Nui, Hōkūleʻa carries the invaluable lessons of global sustainability that were learned and shared at other UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Galapagos Islands,” said Nainoa Thompson, president of Polynesian Voyaging Society. “In addition to being a recognized global resource by organizations such as UNESCO, Rapa Nui signifies a major cultural return for Polynesian navigation and our Worldwide Voyage as we re-enter the Polynesian triangle, the birthplace of our wayfinding heritage.”
Hōkūleʻa is expected to port in Rapa Nui around February 28, weather permitting. The crew will stay on the island for approximately a week before sailing on to French Polynesia. The crew will again be joined by a contingency of teachers and students from Hawaiʻi.  The last time Hōkūleʻa visited Rapa Nui was on a voyage that took place in 1999.
Host to famed archaeological sites including nearly 900 monumental statues called moai, Rapa Nui is a remote volcanic island located in Polynesia under Chilean territory. Rapa Nui represents an opportunity for the crew to learn more about the island’s status as a World Heritage Site as well as the rich cultural history of its Polynesian ancestors.


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