Hōkūle‘a at Shake-A-Leg in Miami

Miami, Florida is one of many stops Hōkūleʻa is making while on its way home to Hawaiʻi. While there, the crew has been graciously hosted by an organization with a unique and inspiring mission.

“We’re all water. Eighty percent of our body is made of water. So I think there is just a natural attraction to it.  For the majority of people with disabilities, and kids, they don’t have access to it,” said Harry Horgan, President and Co-Founder of Shake-A-Leg Miami, where Hōkūleʻa spent a couple weeks at the end of her east coast voyage.
“Right now we’re in Miami Florida, at Shake-A-Leg marina, and they have a very important mission,” said watch captain Kawika Crivello.
“Shake-A-Leg Miami is a nonprofit organization, who uses the marine environment to expose individuals with disabilities to the water,” said Kiandra Rhaney, Program Director at Shake-A-Leg Miami.  She continued, “We have kids with autism, kids with down syndrome, kids with a physical disability, and they’re all doing the same activity.  They’re all going on the boats, going on the same outriggers, so they get to experience life without a dis-ability.  They all have abilities.”
Over a hundred kids from the Shake-A-Leg Miami programs toured Hōkūleʻa during our time there.  Kawika Crivello, who gave several of the tours, said, “Meeting all the kids today, it really brought joy to our canoe and our crew members.  It’s the little things that sometimes we take for granted. Being here today with kids helps put things in perspective. So we, as crew members of Hōkūleʻa, will take those stories back home.  We want to share them.  They’re beautiful stories, and they made us feel honored to be in their presence.”
“We’re on a journey similar to what you’re doing,” said Harry Horgan.  “We’re going to different ports of call, to provide a little hope and inspiration and introduce people to the ocean. So they can experience what we’re able to experience.  By us getting them out on the ocean, they’re being inspired and that’s really what we’re about, is to inspire people to believe in themselves and to go after their dreams.”

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