Hōkūleʻa Update | January 5, 2016

Bruce BlackWritten by Bruce Black

Last night was cloud-filled with no moon or star to steer by. Instead, we followed the wind and quartered the swells. The 10-2 watch got hammered by malolo (flying fish). Kealoha and Kaleo got hit, and there were a dozen on the deck. Most of the mololo were thrown back to the sea, but I found five more in the morning and a squid. The morning brought a beautiful pink sunrise filled with clouds. Kimo and I said at the same time, “Red sky in the morning sailors take warning, Red sky at night sailors delight.”  We are anticipating rain and increasing wind.


The sailing has been steady with 10-15 mph southeast winds, and we are making good time. It was one of the mellowest day sailing so far. The line we are on is easy to steer with today’s winds and the weather was perfect. Kaleo saw two whales this afternoon and the sky looks very clear for tonight. A spectacular sunset, a jack-o-latern orange ball dropping into a mercury ocean lighting up hot lava clouds on purple blue sky.

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