Hōkūleʻa Update | January 17, 2016

Bruce BlackWritten by Bruce Black

Aloha all,

The stars were spectacular last night – 180 degrees above by 360 degrees around. Captain Bruce used his laser pointer to point out the constellations and the star paths across the sky.  We could easily follow the Milky Way from the Southern Cross to Orionʻs Belt, and shooting stars were a common occurrence. We decided to pick up a tow at 2am in the morning. We dropped the tow at dawn and raised the sails. It looks like another great day for sailing with light winds of 15 mph, allowing us to reach five knots with three sails running. We are five days since departing St. Helena, and should be approaching Accession Island in a few days. The crew keeps a constant lookout for land birds, a sign that an island is near. Bruce and Kaleo have been making minor adjustments as conditions change.


We have been talking football and making bets, but we have no idea whatʻs going on.  Last night we had pot roast  pork, mashed potatoes, yams, with gravy all over! The meals have been winner the whole trip…we are blessed to have Gary with us!


At 10am, a big school of aku started running with our canoe, chasing smaller prey that are probably hiding under the hulls.  We can see them swimming on either side, 3-5 pounders, but they are not taking our lures….we are making adjustments to smaller lures. The birds are here looking for a meal also. The fish did not bite all day even though we could see them swimming around the canoe.  Fortunately, a nice breeze and clouds all day make for good sailing weather through the night. We could not be happier. 

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