Hōkūleʻa Update | January 20, 2016

Bruce BlackWritten by Bruce Black

We had steady sailing last night after a long hot day of coasting down wind. The sky has gray scattered clouds with the possibility of rain showers., and winds are 15 mph. Luckily, the swells are no larger than two feet, making for comfortable sailing. For breakfast, Gary made mahimahi omelets for breakfast, which the crew enjoyed under a gray cloud sunrise.


Since Hōkūleʻa’s deck is exposed to the element, we are often asked “What do you do on a hot day?” Our answer: You dump cool water on yourself and the waʻa and scrub the deck. We always like to work in the elements. 

Between our kuleana, everyone is finding time to read and write. It is nice to take a few moments to reflect on our voyage so far.


Our escort vessel Gershon II is keeping a close eye on us. For dinner, we had mahimahi sashimi; mahimahi with coconut milk, tomato, and onion salad; fried mahimahi and cream carper sauce;, and miso mahi soup. For desert, Kealoha busted out some chocolate…life is good!

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