Hōkūleʻa Update | Fernando de Noronha Sighted

ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi

ʻAuhea ʻoe e nā makamaka o kēia wahi huakaʻi kaʻapuni honua ʻo ia nō hoʻi ʻo ka mālama honua. Eia nō hoʻi mākou ma kēia ʻāina ʻo Fernando a he ʻo ia ʻiʻo kā nō kā hoʻi. Ua pae maila kēia wahi waʻa ma kēia moku liʻiliʻi o ka Atalanakila nei a ua hala 31 mau lā i ka holo ʻia ana mai iā Cape Town aku a i St. Helena, i Assention a eia nō mākou ma Fernando nei. Ma kahi ʻo 4 kaukani mile ka holo ʻia ana o kēia wahi waʻa a eia nō ke kū nei. Ua maikaʻi nō ka holo ʻia ana. Ka hapa nui o ka manawa ua maikaʻi nō ka makani no ka pā ʻana mai i ʻaneʻi, no ka pā ʻana mai nō hoʻi o ke ʻale o ka moana a me ka alakaʻi kūpono ʻana o kēia waʻa i ka moku liʻiliʻi wale nō i kēia moana nui ākea o ka Atalanakila. He wahi mahalo kēia iā ʻoukou no ka hahai mau ana i kēia wahi huakaʻi no ka eʻe pū ʻana mai me mākou no ka pae kūpono ʻana mai kēia wahi waʻa i kēlā me kēia moku o ka honua holoʻokoʻa. He wahi leo aloha iā ʻoukou e ke kanaka kūpaʻa i ke aloha ʻāina, ʻo ke koʻikoʻi iā ʻoe e ka wahine uʻi o Maunawili. Aloha nui kākou, aloha.


Aloha mai kākou, this is Kaleomanuiwa Wong reporting to you guys again from the deck of Hōkūleʻa. This time off shore from Fernando de Noronha, 31 days out of Cape Town, South Africa with a couple of different stops including St. Helena and sighting Ascension Island. Now we’re here at Fernando de Noronha. About 4,000 total miles from Cape Town to here. For the trip, we had pretty good weather with winds following us the entire way, which made it difficult at times but bringing us the islands we needed to get to and the swells constantly  pushing us closer to the lands we are trying to navigate to. Lots of hōʻailona (signs) from Ascension to here including a pod of orcas. Today lots of birds – manu o Kū and noio – and an ānuenue (rainbow) right above us. Good signs that we are about to land. And bango! Here we are at Fernando de Noronha. Thank you for following us and continue to follow us at Hokulea.com. Aloha!

Aloha, my name is Bruce Blankenfeld, and I am the captain on board Hōkūleʻa on this Leg 16 across the Atlantic Ocean. Behind me here is Fernando de Noronha Island, it’s a territory and province of Brazil. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we just arrived here today, January 27, 2016. This voyage has been quite an amazing little voyage. We left Cape Town, South Africa on Christmas Eve (December 24, 2015) then sailed up the western coast of Africa along Namibia. Then we left Walvis Bay, Namibia for a 1,260 mile journey to St. Helena, which took us about 10 days. We stayed in St. Helena a few days, then we took off and the next landfall was Ascension Island after 700 miles. We never stayed at Ascension Island, we just used it as a landmark to roll into the next 1,200 miles to this is spot right here, Fernando de Noronha. From here, we have about 200 miles to go to Natal on the Brazilian mainland. It was a wonderful voyage, mostly downwind with fair winds and following seas. The crew was exceptional in so many ways, working together, caring for the canoe and one another. Each of them developed into their own as competent sailors and handling the sails, lines, steering, and everything else on board. This leg is just one part of a larger Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage. We are learning a lot of good things and wanting to share them by meeting with a lot of wonderful people. So thank you for supporting us and continuing to follow us on Hokulea.com. Aloha!

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