Hōkūleʻa Update | February 21, 2016

Aloha, this is Kālepa Baybayan on board the Hōkūleʻa sailing towards the Caribbean from Natal, Brazil. We are more than halfway to our target destination, roughly about 7º north and 51º west. The crew is doing fine, and the canoe is functioning well. We are now sailing into the Azores High, which is a broad band of fresh winds. The winds are averaging 20 knots, so we are traveling at about 7 knots. So we are making good speed towards our target, and the crew is doing well. Everyone is working as best of possible in these rough conditions, and I wish you all a good day, and keep following us on Hokulea.com. A hui hou and aloha!

Crossing North

After a 20-month sojourn in oceans south of the equator, Hōkūleʻa has returned to the northern hemisphere in the blue waters of the Atlantic. Please, help celebrate our crew by supporting their journey.

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