Hōkūleʻa Update | June 3, 2017

24 hour navigation update from June 2, 2017 6 am to June 3, 2017 6am
Total distance travelled along reference course: 1840.5 nmi, 49.5 mi west of reference course

Distance along Haka Hoʻolua reference course (Haka Hoʻolua- 670 nm from 9N to 20 N): 282.5 nmi, 49.5 nmi west

Average speed: 5 knots

Wind: ʻĀina Koʻolau, 20 knots

Heading: ʻĀkau

Lee drift: 1 house b/c pointing high and reduced speed

Swell: NE, Noio Koʻolau swell 6-8 ft

Course made: Haka Hoʻolua

Clouds: 80-100% cumulus cloud cover up until midnight. High cloud coverage resulted in limited star visibility. For brief moments in time we saw Keoe, Manaiakalani, Ka Lupe, Gemini. The rising and setting ʻOle moon was a blessing throughout the day.

Wildlife: ʻEwa ʻewa, boobies, ʻiwa, and ʻuaʻu kani. Caught a 20 lb aku around 9 am – fish stomach was pretty much empty with a few shrimp fragments.

Latitude: Kūmau (North star) was only visible for a few seconds after sunset. High cloud coverage did not allow for a latitude fix off Kūmau or any of the southern pointers. Instead latitude was calculated to be approximately 13.5 degrees using dead reckoning.

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