Hōkūleʻa Update | Jan 20, 2017

The deck of Hōkūleʻa is dark except for the occasional headlamp. Overhead, a canopy of stars stretch into the distance, impossibly brighter than what could have been seen at our most recent port of Balboa, Panama. In the darkness comes the distinct, warm sounds of Kaʻauʻs guitar and the voice of Uncle Billy. Itʻs the perfect end to another day.

Since our departure from Panama yesterday afternoon, the crew has gradually adjusted to life at sea – finding our footings, familiarizing ourselves with the myriad of lines, and learning as much as we can from more experienced crewmembers. The fishing lines were put out, and within a couple of hours we landed a small mahimahi that Uncle Archie made into a soup. We were also blessed with winds strong enough to drop the tow from Gershon shortly after sunset. We then spent the night managing the waʻa, excited to be sailing at an average of 5 knots. These winds lasted until mid-day today when we decided to pick up tow again to ensure that we reach Galapagos on schedule.

All crewmembers are doing well, and we send a mahalo to all at home who are watching over us.

SB 72, Bryson Hoe


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