Hōkūleʻa Update | January 22, 2017

Today was another hot day in the doldrums with glassy seas and light winds. After spotting Malpelo Island shortly before sunset, the navigators decided to continue onto Galapagos. Breakfast consisted of boiled eggs, hash browns, bacon, and fresh papaya. Nearly all crewmembers jostle for the privilege of helping out with meal preparations and washing dishes. Throughout the day we have seen signs of marine life including the occasional turtle, gull, and dolphin. Sadly, we have been unable to catch any fish despite the efforts of Uncle Archie and Pam, who diligently put out our lines in the early dawn light. The crew is now settling in for another night aboard our mama waʻa, gently gliding along long ocean swells.

SB 72, Bryson Hoe


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