Hōkūleʻa Update | June 6, 2017

Total distance travelled along reference course: 2193.5 nmi, 68 mi west of reference course

Distance along Haka Hoʻolua reference course (Haka Hoʻolua- 670 nm from 9N to 20 N): 641.5 nmi, 68 nmi west

Average speed: 5 knots

Wind: Manu to ʻĀina Koʻolau. Wind was kind of shifty throughout the day with speeds at about 12 -15+ knots

Heading: Haka Hoʻolua

Lee drift: 1 house b/c we are pointing high, and reduce speed repeatedly to pace with our escort vessel

Swell: NE, Noio Koʻolau swell 4 ft.

Course made: Nā Leo Hoʻolua. We turned down a house at sunset to start cutting away at our distance east of Kumukahi.

Clouds: Numerous mild squalls filled in throughout the day and into the night increasing cloud coverage to 80-100%. For the most part cloud coverage averaged between 20-40%, predominately cumulus and cirrus clouds. The crew was able once again to steer off of Kūmau (North star) for hours at a time up until midnight. After midnight the clouds start to fill in reducing visibility of steering stars to small patches in the sky.

Moon- Lā Kona at sunset. Rose as Huna and transitioned to Hua by sunset.

Wildlife: ʻEwa ʻewa, boobies, ʻiwa, and ʻuaʻu kani. Caught a small mahi; J-boy made mahi tacos!

Latitude: Kūmau (North star) was measured throughout the night at about 18+ degrees. Our dead reckoning put our latitude at about 18.5 degrees at sunset. Throughout the day the southern horizon was cloudy but after sunset it began to clear, revealing the rising and setting of Newe (Southern cross) during the golden hour. Ka Mole Honua was measured at about 8.5 degrees, suggesting 18.5 degrees just after sunset. Shortly after, the southern horizon again filled in with clouds.

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