Hōkūleʻa Update | October 24, 2016: Moani Heimuli

Moani Heimuli By Moani Keala Heimuli

image1 (2)Here at dry dock we are making steady headway on our work. We are checking off more and more items from the to-do list. Lately, we’ve been having some very cool weather – in the mornings it’s in the low 50’s and heating up to low 70’s. So far, we’ve had only one day of rain but luckily not until later in the day when we were pau hana.

Today, Dr. Ben Tamura arrived to mālama the medical supplies. We are looking forward to the painters coming in this week as well as Kaleo Wong. We’ve also had some volunteers come by and help us. John and Georgia helped to sand the hulls and the wet decks, and they also sanded all the donuts and some of the wood pieces that received a coat of epoxy. Another volunteer, Duane, was here all weekend working with us. He met the canoe when she arrived in DC and also helped the crew out when the canoe was in Annapolis.



Until the next time.

Moani H.

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