Manaiakalani: The Hook from Heaven

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Maui, the pan-Polynesian demigod, has caused wonder and awe for generations of Polynesian families. Hearthside stories of Maui and the amazing feats he accomplished with his great fishhook Manaiakalani has long captivated our imaginations. Manaiakalani: The Hook from The Heaven is the story of how our ancestor’s ingenuity in merging ancient wisdom and new technology continues to inspire us in contemporary times. It is the story of Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand, and the entire Manaiakalani School Cluster, who draw from the genius of storied navigator Maui-Tikitiki-A-Taranga to provide a cutting edge educational experience to disenfranchised communities. Their inspiring story draws the attention of Hōkūleʻaʻs Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage, making for a historic and memorable encounter and celebration of indigenous culture and excellence.

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Hōkūle‘a’s visit to the eastern United States is a historic milestone in her 40 years of voyaging.

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