One Ocean, One Island Earth

Take the Pledge

I recognize that Earth is a blue planet. Our ocean is the cornerstone of life, and our planet’s life-support system.

No matter where on Island Earth I live, the ocean produces the air I breathe and helps to regulate the climate.

I recognize that our ocean and Island Earth is changing because of the habits and choices of human beings.

I recognize that with supporters like me, and the community I reach out to around me, the future of our oceans and our Island Earth can improve.

The difference will start with me and spread to others. I pledge to support our oceans and Island Earth, and inspire people of all ages to do the same.

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     Here is what some people are saying about joining the One Ocean, One Island Earth movement:

Ina, Samoa:

“Pray that Peace and Alofa travel with Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia for their World Wide Voyage.”

Christine, United Kingdom:

“Bless you all on Hokule’a- for giving us a wake-up call and for showing by your examples of character, bravery and seamanship what can be done to heal the world. May fair winds be with you.”

Walter, United States Minor Outlying Islands:

“I’m so inspired by the message you are spreading and promise to educate my students about the voyage and Mālama Honua!”