PROJECT WAYFINDER Educator Training on Oʻahu

Summer 2017: Project Wayfinder is excited to announce a 4-day Educator Training in Hawaiʻi!


Where: A 4-day educator training will be held on O’ahu at the University Lab School. (Here is a campus map pointing to University Building 3, more details on parking and room location will be included in later communications.)

When: July 24-July 27, 2017

What: Project Wayfinder will immerse administrators and teachers in their newly developed set of tools and resources from our Wayfinder Navigation Toolkit. This toolkit is inspired by the work of Polynesian Voyaging Society and the inspiration of Polynesian voyaging and navigation. But this is not a “how to” on voyaging – this will be a deeply immersive and transformative experience for educators, cultivating the tools we need to navigate through life. Click here to read more about the inspiration for this project in UC Berkeley’s Greater Good.

Who: The training is open to high school educators including advisory teachers, administrators, school leaders, and counselors and non-profit groups that work with high school students. They will not be accepting middle schools at this time, but are open to some college-aged program leaders. Priority will be given to Hawaiʻi schools, but mainland and international schools can apply. The training will be limited to 40 people. Schools are highly encouraged to apply with one or more people from their home institution. We only need one application per school/organization.


April 10:  Application opens

June 1st:  Application closes

July 24-27:  Educator Training on O’ahu at University Lab School
Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis. The summer program is limited to 30 educators. You are highly encouraged to send in your application as soon as it is ready + apply with another person from your school/organization. They will get back to all applicants within 10-14 days of receiving your application.

Program cost is $975 per person (not including room, board, or travel). They can offer a limited number of scholarships or partial scholarships applicable towards the program cost for school teams with demonstrable need, and encourage you to answer the questions about this at the bottom of the application page.

If any questions please email Project Wayfinder‘s Education Coordinator Sonia Doshi at

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