Together Through the Weather

Although the crews were blessed to visit some of the most picturesque islands in the world, they also trained for harsh conditions at sea.

“Our way to Rarotonga was pretty exciting. Early on as we felt Bora Bora, we had some pretty rough seas. I think there was maybe 18 hours of close to 15 mile per hour winds. Seas were 5-6 meters, we had rain, and it was wet and cold,” said Hikianalia crewmember Archie Kalepa.

“Everybody was all hands on deck. It was nice seeing everyone rise to the occasion as far as being in those types of conditions, and dealing with it as a crew for the weather being as rough as it as. It was really nice to see everyone work together and do a great job,” said Archie.

In the end, the canoes made it safely into Rarotonga, having experienced one of the more trying tests on the open ocean.

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