Update | October 31, 2014

Naalehu AnthonyWritten by Nāʻālehu Anthony.

This will serve as your happy Halloween update from Hōkuleʻa and Hikianalia. We are all safe and doing well. This Halloween brought us a trick or treat aku this morning that we ate for lunch. There was also a bunch of Halloween candy passed out by our crew.

Hikianalia came by to say hi today, and at least two of the crew were dressed in costumes.  It was pretty cool to be next to them to see the show. Weʻre in light winds right now, making progress, but slower than we would like.  Weather was hot today too.  Wind is still chilly even in the day time.  Tonight the wind is turning a bit more cold, and crew are bracing for what will be sure to be a colder time as we head farther and farther out of the tropics.

Dinner was stuffing with pork boil up. I’ll give you one guess who cooked.  ʻOno especially because it’s so cold.

I will also say that we were blessed with dolphins that played at the bow of the canoe for about 15 minutes, and the sunset was spectacular, even got the green flash.  The moon is getting bigger and at this writing we have a full canopy of stars that are guiding us, slowly, to our destination.

Standing by 72,

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