Grade 6

Developed by Cat Fuller, ʻIolani School

  • Overview
  • How will you find YOUR way on your voyage? What problems will you encounter? How will you solve them? Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people and animals orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place. Wayfinding is a tool to come to a more intimate understanding of the islands and ocean we live with. This unit will enable students to see that living in a safe and sustainable island environment takes a whole community.

  • Lessons
    1. A New Society
      1. Government and Law – Pre-Contact Society
      2. Society and Class – Hawaiian Royalty
      3. Economy and Sustainability – The Story of Haloa: A Hawaiian Creation Story and Wai Ola: The Water of Life
      4. Religion – In the Beginning: Hawaiian Gods
      5. Culture and Innovation – Lono, Makahiki and Cook’s Deification
      6. ʻA New Societyʻ Paper Assignment
    2. Issues
      1. Tangi’ia and Karika
      2. “The Fate of Easter Island”
    3. The Voyage – Course line
      1. Diagram – Windward Ability of Canoes
      2. Diagram – Average winds and currents
      3. Diagram – Northeast and Southeast Trade winds
      4. Diagram – Major Currents in the Pacific Ocean
      5. “Sail Planning – Long Voyages”
      6. Plan Your Voyage
      7. Plotting the Course
  • Assessments