Worldwide Voyage | Hikianalia Departs for Tahiti

“This is the Hikianalia crew that is taking the canoe from Honolulu, to Hilo, to the Western tip of the Tuamotu Archipelago, and the final destination is Tahiti.” says Pwo Navigator, Kālepa Baybayan. “Hikianalia is headed back to Tahiti to join back up with Hōkūleʻa again. The canoe was prepared; the majority of the work was done in Honolulu, so when the canoe got to Hilo it was just loading up fresh waters in Hilo and getting last minute supplies.

Part of the last minute work included a review of the sail plan at the ʻImiloa Astronomy Center’s planetarium. There, Kālepa ran through the sail plan, projected course, and kuleana for each crewmember.

Leg 29B Hikianalia Crew Hawaiʻi-Tahiti.

Leg 29B Hikianalia Crew Hawaiʻi-Tahiti.

“It affords opportunities for more voyagers to participate in the learning process.” says Baybayan. “So, by creating more room on the decks of these voyaging canoes, that’s what we hope to accomplish. Our captain for this voyage is Kalā Tanaka. She’ll also be the primary navigator on board the canoe.”

“Going back to 2014 as an apprentice, I know that Uncle Bruce put that kuleana on us as the apprentices, and we were able to help him, to give him time to rest.” says Kalā Tanaka. “The watch captains helped to relieve the responsibility so that Uncle Bruce coud have these short naps in between. So in order for me to be successful, I also need to have that team that I can rely on as well.”

Captain Kalā Tanaka and Kawika Crivello.

Captain Kalā Tanaka and Kawika Crivello.

“Helping to suport her and the navigation will be Kalani Kahalioumi, Kawika Crivello, Luia Paoa, Kaipo Kīʻaha, and Nikki Kamalu. And then, watch captains will be Snake Ahee, Kalani Kahalioumi, and Gary Yuen – so we have a good team.” says Baybayan. “If we are close to the kind of conditions that Hikianalia did in its innaugual crossing to Tahiti in May of 2014, then we are hoping for a relatively quick trip. And now we are ready to start this journey.”

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