Hauʻoli Lā Mālama Honua!

Happy Earth Day!

20140517__Launch-METC_Clean_IMG_0080Today marks the 46th anniversary of Earth Day, which began on April 22,1970 when 20 million Americans took to the streets (and parks and beaches) coast-to-coast to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment, and protest against the deterioration of the environment.  Earth Day has evolved into the largest observance in the world (besides religious holidays), and is celebrated by more than a billion people every year.  It is a day of action that helps to bring about positive changes in human behavior and influences policy changes to help care for our planet.

We believe that Every Day is Earth Day – help us Mālama Honua!

kokee planting crewThe focus of our Worldwide Voyage is to Mālama Honua, to take care for our Island Earth. We sail our voyaging canoe Hōkūleʻa using the stars, sun, and swells to guide us around the world, relying on signs from nature and ancient wisdom to guide us to each destination.  We are sailing the Earth’s oceans to visit and learn from those who are working to solve some of the greatest challenges we face in the world today. We are all responsible for the future health of our Island Earth, and the health of our people, lands, and oceans.

Meet the Mālama Honua Challenge!
aotearoa beach cleanupThe Polynesian Voyaging Society  is inviting youth, ages 5-18, to share ideas about how you and your school, home or community care for the Earth and ocean. Our planet faces many challenges; now is the time to be creative in our solutions.  We need your help to find ways to create a better planet for this and future generations – visit our Mālama Honua Challenge page on Hokulea.com for more information, and to submit your Challenge ideas.


Explore how students and community of Lānaʻi Mālama Honua!
Students and faculty of Lānaʻi High and Elementary School were inspired to create this song and video based on the lessons they learned and service projects they implemented in their community.  Listen and watch as they share all the ways they discovered they can mālama honua, and turned work into play!

To learn more about the lessons and projects that are documented in the video and song, and learn more about the kids and their teacher, please visit Mr. Glicksteinʻs blog: http://www.songsforabetterworld.com/#!blog/cg20/post/8539049651850149776

Learn more about Earth Day at: http://www.earthday.org/about/the-history-of-earth-day/#sthash.yeDIJBYB.dpuf

More than Adventure

Beyond a daring expedition, the Worldwide Voyage is quite possibly the most important mission that Hawaiʻi has ever attempted. As people of Oceania, we are leading a campaign that gives voice to our ocean and planet by highlighting innovative solutions practiced by cultures around the planet.

We could not have begun this great journey without your support, nor can we continue to its completion.

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