Voyage Update | June 21, 2021: Voyaging Canoe to Reach Mokumanamana

  • Posted on 21 Jun 2021
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(Papahānaumokuākea) — Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia departed Nihoa at approximately 3 pm yesterday and began their journey to Mokumanamana (Necker Island), located 155 miles northwest of Nihoa. The crew may arrive at the small basalt island around 6:30 pm this evening.

Five young navigators who are training on this voyage successfully navigated Hōkūleʻa from Niʻihau to Nihoa yesterday. The navigation team is being tested on five challenging deep-sea legs. The current leg from Nihoa to Mokumanamana is considered the most challenging navigational test, comparable to finding an island about two-thirds the size of Manana (Rabbit Island) from Kona with no land in between. Mokumanamana is ⅙ square km or 39 ½ acres in size.

While moored off of Nihoa, the crew conducted cultural protocol and some observations of the area.

From Mokumanamana, the canoes will sail to Lalo (French Frigate Shoals) where the crew is partnering with NOAA to do an underwater survey to assess the damage to the atoll and coral reef from Category 3 Hurricane Walaka that swept through in 2018.

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