Crew Profile: Austin Kino

PVS Member Since

HOMETOWN: ‘Āina Haina, O‘ahu
PRIMARY DUTY: Apprentice navigator
OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Fisherman, rescue swimmer
While in high school Austin got involved with PVS as a member of Kapu Na Keiki, a young group of sailors that trained with Hōkūleʻa crew members. Kino first sailed on Hōkūle‘a in 2005 as a junior in high school on a sail to Kauaʻi and Ni‘ihau.

“I have always felt that Hōkūle‘a is the piko (center),” Kino said. “Hōkūle‘a, to me, is a reminder of what brought us to this land.” He added, “At a time when our people were no longer being heard, she became the voice. Over time she has built great leaders and legendary water-people.”

Austin would like to see more children interested in sailing and navigation. He would like to see more schools include these traditional methods with our modern tools to help children find clarity amidst enjoying the natural world. When not sailing, Austin is a project coordinator for the Mālama ‘Āina Foundation, a consortium for Hawaii Ecological Engineering Education.

Austin loves sailing because he can be free of distractions and enjoy being in the present.

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