Crew Profile: Saki Uchida

PVS Member Since 2007

HOMETOWN: Yokosuka, Japan
PRIMARY DUTY: Assistant Quartermaster
Saki is originally from Yokosuka Haema, Japan and started as a volunteer with the Polynesian Voyaging Society. When she first came to Hawaii she knew no English and by the time she took her first sail, she knew two words of English, hi and sorry.

When she came to the Polynesian Voyaging Society Nainoa introduced her to Haunani and Jason, and told them she wanted to learn navigation. She watched everyones moves aboard the canoes and tried her best to follow them.

With her newfound family and passion, Saki learned English and became a valued crewmember for the Worldwide Voyage. Saki went to Honolulu Community College and learned boat repair and small fabrication.

Saki was an apprentice navigator aboard the Hikianalia on her first international leg of the Worldwide Voyage. And even though she misses her home in Japan, she is where she wants to be in this moment and living her dream with her chance to live a once in a lifetime dream.

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