Crew Profile: Kekaimalu Lee

PVS Member Since 2013

HOMETOWN: Mililani, Hawaii
PRIMARY DUTY: Cultural Protocol
OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Fisherman, sail repair, and navigation student
Kekaimalu Lee is originally from Mililani Oahu. Kekaimalu graduated in May 2014 from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with degrees in Hawaiian studies and Hawaiian language. At 23 years old, he plans to attend graduate school and teach voyaging in the UH system.

Kekaimalu is inspired by veteran crew mates and feels that the legacy of the canoe was her first voyage in 1976. He is inspired that he gets to sail with some of those very first crew members who took her down to Tahiti in 1976. He looks forward to hearing their stories and reliving that legacy with them.

Kekaimalu was part of the Malama Hawaii statewide sail in 2013, in preparation for Malama Honua.

To him Hōkūleʻa represents a symbol of the Hawaiian people and culture. He thinks she also represents the catalyst that sparked the rebirth of Hawaiian culture. Kekaimalu is honored to be a part of this movement and hopes to see it continued in the future generations of Hawaiians.

While out to sea, Kekaimalu will miss meat the most, but when he comes back he will miss the sunrises and sunsets the most.

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