Crew Profile: Keahi Omai

PVS Member Since 1989

HOMETOWN: Kapahulu, O‘ahu
PRIMARY DUTY: Watch Captain
OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Carpenter, Apprentice Navigator
Keahi Omai is a police officer from Kapahulu, O‘ahu. He has been sailing on Hōkūleʻa since 1989. He values Hōkūleʻa as way of traveling back in time to relearn what has been forgotten and a way of moving forward into the future using past lessons for the benefit of all. He hopes that the Worldwide Voyage will create an opportunity for young people to experience voyaging on canoes and share his passion for it.

While on long voyages, Keahi misses ice cream and the closeness of his family. But while at home, he misses the teamwork and simple lifestyle on the wa'a away from all the rush of modern life.

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