Crew Profile: Cameron Murray

PVS Member Since 1976

HOMETOWN: Born Honokaa, move to Kona, then Oahu and graduate Mid Pac 1993, Work Beach Cat in Waikiki, Sail to Opua Bay of Islands New Zealand.
PRIMARY DUTY: Escort Vessel, Electrician and Engineer on all vessels (Hoku, Hiki, Tranquility & Gershon)
OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Weather and Passage Planning as per required next stop and deadline. Assist teaching Modern Day Weather, AIS, Navigation, etc
WORLDWIDE VOYAGE LEGS SAILED: Leg 10 – Auckland to Aurere
Cameron has always enjoyed being on or close to the sea, whether it be sailing, surfing, diving or just lazing by the water’s edge.

Cameron grew up in Hawaii with his parents who ran a successful beach cat charter business out of Monaka Beach Hotel. He had salt running through his veins, being brought up between there and New Zealand, where his Grandfather ran a successful boat yard in the Bay of Islands.

Cam was a keen racer in his younger years and with his team has won many races including the Kenwood Cup and NZ Cup. Cameron’s professional background has been aboard superyachts, working his way up from Swab to Engineer to Captain with a MCA Class 4 certificate. Cameron’s keen mind and lateral thinking has made him sought after in the specialized renewable energy installation market.

His kids are also learning so much from seeing what’s important in his ideas and passion for what he does. He stands by his integrity of being conscious of his own keel imprint and is always looking for ways to lessen it, whether it be in promoting renewable energy or leaving a clean wake behind us.

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