Crew Profile: Kai Hoshijo

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HOMETOWN: Niu Valley, Oʻahu
WORLDWIDE VOYAGE LEGS SAILED: Doldrums Sail May 2021: Hōkūleʻa
Kai Hoshijo from Niu Valley, Oʻahu first started sailing on Hōkūleʻa in March 2021 and will soon set sail on Hōkūleʻa’s latest voyage to the Doldrums in May 2021.

To Kai, Hōkūleʻa means aloha. Unconditional and undying love for one another and the places that we dwell; the places our ancestors shaped and interacted with. Hokuleʻa also means connectivity, the linkages that bind us like knowledge systems, ancestral moʻolelo, physical linkages, and linkages across the Pacific/world etc., and much more.

Kai would like to see voyaging as a pathway to aloha, which will change the world. She hopes that voyaging can accomplish problem-solving by echoing the social and cultural values that shape methods for care of place and people that are pono.

When Kai is at sea, she will miss surfing, talking story with people, watering her plants, doing pottery and spending time with family. When on land, she will miss the small moments, sometimes of solitude sometimes collective; watching the weather change, sun rising over Maunalua, and accomplishing tasks together with crew.

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