Crew Profile: Shantell De Silva

PVS Member Since

HOMETOWN: Kapālama, Oʻahu
WORLDWIDE VOYAGE LEGS SAILED: Leg 25: Virginia to Florida
Shantell first got involved with PVS in 1993 when she began training and sailing to places such as Tahiti, Alaska, Mangarewa and Rapa Nui. However, Hōkūleʻa entered her life even before then when the 1976 crew visited her elementary school when she was 10. From then on, she understood the symbolism and impact that Hōkūleʻa brings when she visits a place. She knows that as a part of PVS, she is "a part of something great!" Overtime, Shantell's roles on the canoe have been many, including student observer, apprentice navigator, quartermaster and educator.

For the Worldwide Voyage, she hopes that a new generation of young people will be trained voyaging and navigating and continue to perpetuate these traditions while always remembering and honoring those who have gone before them.

While out at sea, Shantell has always craved cold sweet food such as ice cream, a cold drink and chocolate because it is so salty out there. While back on land, she misses the calm peacefulness of life under the elements.

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