Crew Profile: Leionaona Wong

PVS Member Since

HOMETOWN: Mānoa, Oʻahu
WORLDWIDE VOYAGE LEGS SAILED: Leg 6: Waitangi to Auckland
Leionaona first sailed on Hōkūleʻa in 2008, during which she felt very seasick but was dying to return and go sailing again. For her, the best word to describe Hōkūleʻa is kuleana, meaning privilege and responsibility. It has been one of her greatest privileges to be a crewmember and she feels great responsibility to serve others. She hopes that through the Worldwide Voyage, Hōkūleʻa can serve as a model for all of us on our island Earth to encourage us all to be kinder and more respectful to our planet and each other.

While away at sea, Leionaona misses her family and the mountains of Hawai'i but she appreciates the feeling of being tiny yet very connected to the ocean around her.

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