Crew Profile: Hina Keala

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HOMETOWN: Manaʻe, Molokaʻi
Hina's first encounter with Hōkūleʻa was on a field trip in the first grade. She remembers how the waʻa hooked her in, even as an ʻōpio, and how badly she wanted to be a "Hawaiian Astronaut." To her, Hōkūleʻa is the symbol of just how insightful Polynesians were and how their knowledge and connection with the ocean made them the greatest ocean explorers that ever lived.

Through the Worldwide Voyage, Hina would like to see an awakening of self identity for not only Hawaiian practices and culture, but for indigenous cultures across the globe and especially in youth. She hopes that the voyage will inspires us to come together to spread awareness about taking care of the resources that have been taking care of us for thousands of years.

When Hina is out to sea, she misses her family and cannot wait to tell them about her latest adventures. While back on land, Hina misses being immersed in a place where not much has changed since her very own kūpuna were traveling on the same seas and experiencing the same elements.

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