Crew Profile: Sam Low

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HOMETOWN: Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
PRIMARY DUTY: Journalist and Historian
WORLDWIDE VOYAGE LEGS SAILED: Leg 6: Waitangi to Auckland
Sam is the author of Hawaiki Rising, a book about Hōkūleʻa from her construction and maiden voyage to subsequent trials and successes. Sam first sailed on Hōkūleʻa in 1999 from Mangareva to Rapa Nui. Hōkūleʻa inspired Sam to become a writer and to attempt to live his life in a pono (righteous) way. He hopes that the Worldwide Voyage can be a catalyst for the world to focus its attention on the need to live within the sustainable boundaries of our planet's resources.

While at sea, Sam craves very little. While not at sea, Sam misses the Zen-like peace that comes with a long voyage out of sight of land, the sense of connection with his crewmates and the simplicity of being.

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