Crew Profile: Dr. Cathy Oliver

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PRIMARY DUTY: Voyage Physician
WORLDWIDE VOYAGE LEGS SAILED: Leg 2: Hikianalia’s Voyage To California
I was born in Berkeley California but raised in Canada and on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. The stars brought my family to Hawaiʻi. My dad is an astronomer, so I grew up with him looking to the heavens, seeking to understand things beyond our world and the role Earth plays in it. I like how voyaging has turned this around, with me now looking to the stars to know where I am, help me get to where I want to go and evaluate the role I want to play during my time. I like the challenge of learning a new skill and having a better understanding of the place that has been my home for most of my life and making me feel more connected to my immediate surroundings. But most importantly though, the friendships I have made during my training and sailing have been the best part of this journey. Still pinching myself that I get to be a part of such an amazing crew.

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